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Natural Food S.R.L. is a family Company, born in 2013, in Córdoba, Argentina.

From the begin, our purpose was to establish long-term business relationships, based on trust, in both agricultural production, our suppliers and our customers in the country and the world, offering a comprehensive solution to grain marketing.

Natural Food S.R.L. encompasses the food supply chain from start to finish, adding in all its processes value and increasing demand for agricultural products from North America, Europe and Asia.

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Natural Food S.R.L. encompasses the food supply chain from start to finish, from our farms until the delivery to our customers, adopting the permanent challenge to comply the higest international quality and Food safety standards, adding value to our products in each of our processes.

Producing grains
for the world


We concentrate our efforts, to improve and modernize our Production, Procesing, Storage and Distribution process, to meet higest international quality and food safety standards to satisfy our customers requirements.


In Natural Food S.R.L. We have a large number of hectares of fields planted under our own management and monitoring, together with carefully selected fields of producers in different regions of the country, and strategic alliances with modern selection and processing plants, which allow us to offer a great variety of grains of high quality.


In Natural Food S.R.L. we have a conditioning and logistics system, wich allows us to monitor the movementes of our products and to reach to North America, Europe and Asia, conserving the quality until destiny.



We are proud to tell our customers about the quality standards of Natural Food S.R.L. And the certification processes that support these standards.